Production footwear Made in Italy


Our companies operating in the footwear industry for over 50 years selling its products worldwide under the brand Made in Italy.

The shoe GISAB since 1965 and NEW GISAB since 1983 producing footwear direct injection TPU / PU, PVC and TR on uppers of leather, nylon and synthetic. In addition, we produce safety shoes (safety shoes), leisure (male - female) trekking breathable membrane with anti-rain (man-woman) and slippers.

The comfort of our footwear combined with a cutting edge design and in step with the times, the total absence of adhesives, lightness and elasticity of the soles are the added value of our shoes.


    • Marco Brandi
    • Eros
    • Comfort
    • Progresso
    • Urt
    • New Sany
    • Flex
    • Woka
"Our shoes are produced with clean energy produced by our new photovoltaic plants from Europe, contributing to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere."

The upper and the sole are firmly united as a direct injection takes place on uppers without adhesives obtaining an environmentally friendly product.


We attach great importance to the forms that are comfortable and that suit the feet of all. We also use the soft internal padding for increased comfort.


The compounds used for the polyurethane are the source of a careful study to obtain a minimum weight of the sole and an excellent durability even at low temperatures.

The grip has a great importance for us and Our products ensure no slippage even on treacherous terrain .

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